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“There must be thousands of people... people who could and would win children to
Christ, if only someone would tell them what to do and how to do it.” George B. Eager

If you love children and wish to lead them to Christ, and help them grow in their Christian faith, then join us at CEF Super Seminar training.

CEF Super Seminar Basic is to help you to know how to lead children to Christ on a personal level and also in your class. We cover topics like;

  • The Final Authority (Why Evangelize Children)
  • Teachers That Touch Lives
  • Helping Children Understand the Message of Salvation
  • Life-Changing Evangelistic Bible Lessons
  • Singing - Music with a Message
  • Managing Your Classroom
  • Review Can Be Exciting! (Enhancing Learning in a Fun Way)
  • Drawing in the Net (The Salvation Invitation)
  • Guiding the Child to the Savior (Counseling the Unsaved Child for Salvation)
  • Foundation for Life (Bible Verses – More than Memorizing)
  • Inside –Outside (Ministering to Children through the Local Church)

CEF Super Seminar Follow-Up is to help you to know how to assist your saved children to grow in the Lord. We cover topics like;

  • From A Child’s Perspective (Understanding Children)
  • Life-changing Bible Lesson (Bible Lesson Preparation)
  • Basic Steps to Maturity (Teaching New Christians)
  • Visualize or Fossilize (Using visual aids effectively)
  • Around the Corner – Around the World (Mission – Bringing the Word to Your Class)
  • Gourmet Food for the Soul (Growing Through God’s Word)
  • Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving (Learning to Pray)
  • One Step at a Time (Victory Through Christ)
  • A Living Sacrifice (Consecration – Life Set Apart for God)