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With so many secular versions of the world’s origin, children need to hear God’s truth more than ever. Help children know the truth of their beginnings. The five-lesson series includes:

  • Creation
  • The Origin of Sin
  • Cain and Abel
  • Enoch
  • Noah


The courage of Daniel and his three friends will help children stand for God no matter what the cost. The six-lesson series is about an ungodly king’s tests, dreams and insanity; a fiery furnace; handwriting on a wall and a den of hungry lions shows God’s faithfulness to strengthen His children and enable them to stand for Him. Children are encouraged to avoid sin, ask God for wisdom, give God the credit He deserves and be steadfast and faithful to Him.

David: A Man after God’s Heart

This six-lesson series includes:

  • Israel’s demands for a king
  • Saul’s disobedience
  • God’s choice of David to be king
  • David’s victory over Goliath
  • Saul’s attempts to kill David
  • David sparing Saul’s life.

Children are challenged to give God first place in their lives, seek His strength when they are tempted to be disobedient, keep their hearts right with Him, count on Him to give them courage, stop the sin of jealously and do good even to these who mistreat them.

David’s Reign: Trials and Triumphs

This six-lesson series takes David from defeat in the land of the Philistines to victory over the Amalekites, from sufferings as a refuge to exaltation as king over all Israel and from sin with Bathsheba to repentance. Children are challenged to look to God for victory over problems, wait for God to use them, choose God’s right way, show His loving kindness to others, be honest at all times and commit themselves to obeying God.

Use the lesson series as a follow up to, “David: A man after God’s heart” or as a study by itself.

Elijah: Prophet of the Living God

Throughout Elijah’s life God miraculously provided for his every need, just as He provides for every child’s need. The six-lesson series covers God’s provision for Elijah, the contest on Mount Carmel, Elijah’s discouragement, Naboth’s vineyard, the passing of Elijah’s ministry to Elisha and the Transfiguration. Children learn to trust God, put Him first in everything, be content with what He provides and follow His plan.

Elisha: Prophet of the Faithful God

Children learn to depend on God’s faithfulness through l six-lesson series about Elisha’s authority, the widow’s oil, the Shunammite’s son, Naaman, the Syrian army and the seige of Samaria. The lessons will encourage children to show respect for God’s workers, trust in God at all times and witness.


This inspiring six-lesson series from the book of Esther helps children recognize and appreciate God's providential care in every area of their lives. Children are taught to obey God because His plans are best, to choose to stand for God, call on God for help, be humble, show concern for others and praise God for His providence.


This inspiring five-lesson series traces God’s dealing in Joseph’s life from childhood and slavery until he eventually becomes Governor of Egypt. Present the dangers of jealously, how to resist temptation and the alternative to hatred and revenge, God’s love and the power of forgiveness.


This six- lesson series features Israel broken promises to obey God and the stories of Deborah and Barak, Gideon and Sampson. The lessons challenge children to put God first, set a good example, be bold for God, trust His strength, follow His will and choose to live a pure life


Teach children about the power of God through the dramatic stories of His servants Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Children learn to trust God and put Him first.

This five-lesson series includes:

  • The call of Abraham
  • Abraham’s sacrafice of his son
  • The choosing of a bride for Issac
  • Jacob and Esau’s blessings

Jacob’s flight from home. Children are reminded to obey God, draw courage from Him, follow His guidance and resist sin.

Follow Me

This six-lesson Bible series teaches children what it means to follow Jesus through stories about Peter’s call to follow God, the parable of the wise man who built his house on the rock, Peter walking on water, the parable of the persistent widow, the parable of the talents and Peter denying Jesus.

Life of Christ 1

This six-lesson series covers the annunciation; the faith of the shepherds and wise men; Jesus’ teaching in the temple and His baptism, temptation by Satan and choosing of the 12 disciples. Children learn to let God guide them, share the Gospel, worship God, follow Jesus’ example of obedience, resist temptation and commit their lives to Him. This series is excellent for Christmastime and anytime!

Life of Christ 2

Guide children to find salvation, help and hope as they learn to follow Christ.

This six-lesson series begins with Jesus’ miracle at the wedding and covers the salvation of Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman, the healing of the nobleman’s son and blind Bartimaeus and the raising of Jairus’s daughter. Teachings include trusting in Jesus to solve problems, thanking Him for all He has done, witnessing to others, living by faith and praising God.

Life of Christ 3

Children will discover the all powerful Savior who moves nature and the human heart.

This six-lesson series highlights six key episodes in Jesus’ life-the feeding of the 5000, the calming of the storm, the Transfiguration, the lepers made clean, the encounter with the rich young ruler, the salvation of Zacchaeus.

Life of Christ 4

Teach children about His triumphal entry into Jerusalem; the Last Supper, His trial, crucifixion, miraculous resurrection and ascension into Heaven. Present the Gospel message at Easter and throughout the year using this faith-building six-lesson series.

Paul God's Servant

This six-lesson series trains children to be servants of God through Paul’s dramatic conversion; preaching in Damascus, Jerusalem and Antioch; first and second missionary journeys; testing in Jerusalem; voyage to Rome and faithfulness to the Lord. Children learn to encourage other Christians, follow God’s guidance, tell others of Him, rejoice in Him and set goals to fulfill His purpose.

The First Christian

This six-lesson series on the early church. Share the moving stories of the empty tomb, the day of Pentecost, Peter’s healing of the lame man, the sin of Ananias and Sapphira and Cornelius’s salvation.

The Bible

Five visualized doctrinal lessons to teach children about the Bible, the Word of God. Lessons on:

  • God Speaks to Us
  • The Bible Is the Word of God
  • The Bible Is Eternal and Powerful
  • The Bible Is a Very Special Book
  • We Need to Do Something

Creation & Evolution

Ten visualized Bible lessons to teach children that God is the Creator of the universe and that the theory of evolution is false.

God Cares When Children Are Sad

This series of five lessons teaches children about God’s love and care for them, especially as they face difficult situations in their lives. Based on the Bible characters:

  • The outcast accepted by God (Jephthah)
  • The stranger welcomed (Ruth)
  • Clean in a dirty world (Samuel)
  • Learning to forgive others (Peter)
  • Despised by others, forgiven by God (Matthew)

God Speaks to Me

Full-color flashcard visuals to teach six lessons in the God Speaks to Me series.

  • God Speaks Through Creation
  • God Speaks Through Jesus
  • God Speaks Through His Word Part 1
  • God Speaks Through His Word Part 2
  • God Speaks. Are you Listening?
  • Mystery Review Party - Memory verse review:

Big Questions About Prayer

Using biblical truths from the lives of Peter, Paul, Elijah and David, this six-lesson series helps you answer children's questions about prayer. Children will learn why they should pray, when they can pray, what to do when they don't want to pray and why prayer is so important for them and other Christians. Every child needs to know the importance of prayer in his life.

Jesus: My Savior My Friend

This evangelistic series features five Bible lessons from Christ’s earthly ministry. Lessons include:

  • Jesus forgives the sin of a paralyzed man
  • Jesus cares for His disciples in a storm
  • Jesus meets a Samaritan woman
  • Jesus heals the Centurion’s servant
  • Jesus answers a lawyer’s question

Knowing Christ

Five of the “I ams” in the book of John are taught through the corresponding Bible lessons:

  • The Good Shepherd
  • The Bread of Life
  • The resurrection
  • The Light of the World
  • The Way

Teachings include thanking the Lord for His care, knowing Him through daily fellowship, relying on Him no matter what, witnessing and assurance of salvation.

Our Awesome God

Every boy and girl needs to know more about who God is and what He is like. The six-lesson series on the attributes of God will help them learn that God is sovereign, holy, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent and truth. Help children know our awesome God!

Turned Around

Through Bible lessons on Zacchaeus, Mephibosheth, Noah, the Ethiopian treasurer and Saul, children can clearly see their need for the Savior and His love. Teachings include living a changed life through Jesus, showing God’s loving kindness to others, listening to God and obeying Him, witnessing and following God’s directions.

The Wordless Book

The five-lesson series focuses on one Wordless Book color—the gold page (God’s love and His perfect heavenly home), the dark page (sin and God’s punishment), the red page (God’s one way of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ), the clean page (receiving God’s gift of new life in Christ) and the green page (growing as a believer in Christ).

One Way

This five-lesson series about Cain and Abel, the prodigal son, Naaman, Peter and Samuel challenges kids to go God’s way instead of their own. Children learn that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior is God’s one way to be forgiven of sin and made right with Him. Peter’s release from prison and Samuel’s obedience to God teach kids to pray and to listen to God through His Word.

Living God’s Way

This 12-lesson series uses key verses and biblical examples to help children change wrong attitudes into self-control, faith, generosity, humility, thankfulness, patience, hope, diligence, trust, joy, contentment and forgiveness.

Meet the Author

Five lessons for the children on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit.

  • Who is the Holy Spirit and what is He like?
  • The Holy Spirit gave us the Bible
  • The Holy Spirit gives life
  • The Holy Spirit, the believer’s Companion
  • The Holy Spirit gives strength to God’s children

Always True (Easter)

This Easter party is from the story of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. The vibrant visuals and engaging lesson with lots of party helps will help kids know God’s Word is true!

The Greatest Story (Easter)

Each colorful flocked piece of this lesson tells a part of the Easter story—when the pieces are all in place a surprise is revealed! The lesson includes helps for an Easter party.

Thomas Believes (Easter)

This challenging Bible lesson, focused on the life of Jesus’ disciple Thomas, help kids overcome fears that hinder salvation. The party theme is a hig-energy outdoor adventure!

A Shepherd for You (Easter)

A flashcard lesson presenting Jesus as the Good Shepherd. Included with this Bible lesson are plans for the total hour plus helps for an Easter party evangelistic outreach.

The Unforgettable Pumpkin Run

The Pine Valley Pumpkin Run was the “craziest, most outrageous event in Cook County” and this year Blake and Hunter were determined to win—whatever it took! Includes helps for a Pumpkin Party.

How the Dyaks Learned to Give

Through this true two-part story, children learn through missionary J. Arthur Mouw the concept of giving with the poverty-stricken Dyak Christians. They learn to give to God and others.

Reproducible invitations, games and other ideas included.

It’s Good to Give Thanks

Take children back in time to witness the faith of the Pilgrims as they overcome obstacles and proclaim a time of thanksgiving. Then share the lesson of the 10 lepers Jesus healed but only one returned to say "Thank you."

Use the party helps to give a Thanksgiving party children are sure to remember!

Secret of the Watermelon

Through this story of Jon's visit to his grandfather's farm children learn how the colors of the watermelon can be used to share the Gospel. Children will never forget this unique lesson or the fun they have at your watermelon party!

Reproducible invitations, games and other ideas included.

The Christian Soldier

Brian learns about the armor God has provided for him against his enemy Satan. As you show and explain the pieces of armor, children learn many valuable lessons - why it is easy to sin and hard to do what is right; how Satan their enemy tries to trick them but Jesus is their protection against him; why they should confess sin and how to use the armor of God in their lives. Kids will love this two-part lesson and so will you!

Digging for Buried Treasure

This two-part lesson with a treasure theme party draws children into the fun and excitement of God's Word. Children are motivated to dig daily for the treasure in God's Word and resist the enemies who distract them - Captain I Can't, Private Put-It-Off, Sir Sinful and Admiral Unbelief. Start kids on an adventure that will change their lives!

Getting Even with Mr. Rodriquez

A flashcard lesson helping children to show God’s love and kindness to their enemies.

Heaven How to Get There

Children learn God loves them and wants to give them eternal life and through faith in Jesus they can have their sins forgiven. Use the creative bring-a-friend party ideas to share God’s love with the children you know and the children they know!

Jesus Loves Kids (Valentine)

We know that Jesus loves kids because of the ways He interacted with them when He was on Earth. Through this Valentine party lesson about a real girl named Sheida children will learn that Jesus loves them. Comes with party helps.

Shawn's Search for True Love (Valentine)

Shawn struggles with his parents' divorce in this powerful lesson. He finds unconditional love in Jesus. Through a valentine party share Jesus' love and free gift of salvation.

Secret of the Watermelon

Through this story of Jon's visit to his grandfather's farm children learn how the colors of the watermelon can be used to share the Gospel. Children will never forget this unique lesson or the fun they have at your watermelon party!

Jonah, Don’t You Care?

The story of Jonah with a fishing party theme motivates children to show love by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with those who don’t know Him.

The Extreme Christmas

A flashcard lesson for Christmas to help the child to accept the most awesome gift, Jesus Christ. And to say yes to God’s way each day.

A complete Christmas party outreach kit or pull out the lesson, games and activities whenever you need them in your children’s program.

God Is So Great (Christmas)

A flashcard lesson to help the child to understand God’s greatness in providing for his sin and a deeper appreciation for the incarnation.

The Message of a Star (Christmas)

Take children on an incredible journey as you share the story of the wise men who followed the star to Jesus. Kids learn that God reveals Himself to those who seek Him.

Party Helps include: decoration & snack ideas, suggested songs, review games, reproducible invitations & take-home token, memory verse visual.

The Light of Life (Christmas)

This innovative Christmas lesson helps kids say no to sin. Tell the Christmas story with flannelgraph figures that combine to form a cross. A Star at the stop of the cross shines on the baby in the manger-the Light who beings life to all who believes. Helps for an evangelistic party are included.

Children All Around the World

11" x 17", Eight full-color pages
Children can be missionaries right now where they are and wherever God leads them! There are children all around them who need to hear that Jesus is the Way. Challenge the children you teach to be witnesses today.

One Way Series Multi-song visual (Stop, Go, One Way)

11" x 17", 16 full-color pages
Made to accompany the One Way series, this multi-song visual includes the "Stop", "Go," and "One Way" songs.

Did You Ever Talk to God Above?

11" x 17", 12 full-color pages
This visualized song teaches a child to talk to God in any situation or in any place because God always hears and answers prayers.

Do What's Right

11" x 17" 12 full-color pages
Kids will enjoy the upbeat tune of this visualized song that reminds them of God's love and He wants them to do what's right.


13 1/4", Two two-color signs
Kids will enjoy this road sign style visualized song that boldly encourages them to go and tell others about Jesus. Includes wooden sticks for mounting.

God's Power

11" x 17" ,16 full-color pages
The beautiful photographs in this visualized song will help teach children to trust God's power and rely on His Word.

God Wants to Spend Time with Just You

11" x 17", 12 full-color pages
Kids will want to have a Quiet Time when they realize God loves them and wants to spend time with just them! This visualized song encourages kids to develop the habit of a daily devotional time

Good News

11" x 17", Four full-color pages
This visualized song, resembling a newspaper, proclaims the extra good news of salvation through Jesus Christ and encourages children to witness.

Good News to All the World

11" x 17", 12 full-color pages
Challenge children to believe that Jesus died, rose again and wants to be their Savior and friend and to share the good news with everyone in their world!

I Believe

11" x 17", 12 full-color pages
This visualized song helps children and even adults learn a complete biblical statement of faith!

I Believe the Bible

9 1/2" x 13", eight full-color pages
Help kids learn that the Bible is not just another book, but truly God's Word. The simple words and pictures make this classic visualized song excellent for young children.

I'll Stand For God

11" x 17", Eight full-color pages
This visualized song inspires children to stand up for God even when troubles come or friends forsake them.

Jesus Is the Good News

11" x 17", 12 full-color pages
This exciting visualized song gives children reasons to celebrate that Jesus is the Good News.

Multi-song, Wordless Book, Stop, Go

11" x 17", 16 full-color pages
Made to accompany the Jesus: My Savior and Friend series, this multi-song visual includes the "Wordless Book Song," "Stop" and "Go."

Just Turn Around

11" x 17", Eight full-color pages
This fun visualzied song teaches kids that Jesus can turn their lives around when they believe on Him as Savior and claim His power to live each day!

Let Me Listen

11" x 17", Four full-color pages
Children can sing this visualized song as a prayer, asking God to help them listen to what He wants them to know and do.

Let's Get Started

11" x 17", Eight full-color pages
Children will learn through this visualized song that telling others about Jesus is an important job that they can do now!

Nothing But the Blood

24 1/2" x 32" (open)
A favorite visualized song with six intriguing fold-out panels that form a large colorful cross.

One Way

17" x 11", Two black/white signs
Use this unique road sign visualized song to point kids to the truth that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. Includes sticks for mounting.


13 1/4", Two two-color signs
A favorite visualized song that inspires children to stop and share the good news of Jesus Christ. Includes wooden sticks for mounting.

That's the Gospel!

11" x 17" ,12 full-color pages
This upbeat visualized song includes teaching on Heaven, sin, how Jesus' blood paid for sin, forgiveness and how to have a changed life.

The 7 Most Important Things Song (MIT)

11" x 17", 12 full-color pages
Kids will enjoy clapping, stomping and shouting as they sing this visualized song about the seven most important things in the world: 1. God loves me! 2. Jesus never sinned! 3. I have sinned! 4. Jesus died for me! 5. Now Jesus lives! 6. I put my faith in Christ! 7. I can live for Him!

Three Questions

11" x 17", Six full-color pages
Teach kids how to apply God's Word to their lives by asking three important questions: What does it say? What does it mean? What is God saying to me?

Trinity Song

11" x 17", Eight full-color pages
The illustrations in this visualized song will help chldren know and love their three-in-one God: God the Father, who loves them; God the Son, who died for them and God the Holy Spirit, who helps them witness.

Turn Your Eyes to Jesus

11" x 17", 12 full-color pages
The motions and catchy calypso beat of this visualized song will help kids to have victory over sin and Satan by turning their eyes to Jesus.

Wordless Book Song

11" x 17", 12 full-color pages
A CEF favorite visualized song that teaches Gospel truths, using the Wordless Book colors: gold, black, red, white and green.

Children's Ministry Resource Bible

The Children's Ministry Resource Bible combines the New King James Version with tested teaching aids from Child Evangelism Fellowship. Keep this teacher's helper by your side for a complete Bible reference library in one book. Included lesson outlines for over 104 Bible passages. Hardcover.

This amazing tool is a complete Bible reference library in one book! Build strong faith in a world of temptation with The Children's Ministry Resource Bible. Teacher training aids introduce you to the background on key Scriptures as well as important early childhood education priciples. Articles on teaching techniques, child training and selected Bible topics add depth to your knowledge and teach you the way children learn best. A built-in Wordless Book section featuring colored pages and instructions keeps an effective Gospel tool at your fingertips. Footnotes, center-column notes and cross-references guide your research. Study helps and easy-to-follow symbols right on the page lead you through your lesson development. A generous reference section including a pronunciation dictionary, color maps, subject index and a concordance helps you make your lessons come alive!

Gospel Flipper-Flapper (Small)

Children will be fascinated as you share the Gospel using this innovative tool!

Gospel Gloves

Here's a creative idea to keep the Gospel "on hand"! These plastic gloves use Wordless Book colors plus pictures and corresponding verses to tell the salvation story. Give a glove to each child and encourage him to use it to tell his friends about Jesus' love.

The Wonder Devotional Book 1
Daily Adventures with God

This 365 days devotion will help kids in their special time with God. They will journey through themes like, Living for God, Trusting God and Taking a Stand for God and more.

The Wonder Devotional Book 2
Walking Daily with Jesus

This 365 days devotion will take kids through on a journey through the life of the Lord Jesus Christ. They will experience it all from the manger to the cross and the open tomb and more.

The Wonder Devotional Book 3
Strong Through God’s Spirit

This 365 days devotion teaches kids how God's Holy Spirit works in them to make them strong. They'll learn how to be winners over sin and how to put on God's armor and more.

Little Kids Can Know God through Creation

As young children learn about God, their creator, they learn that He loves them and sent the Lord Jesus to be their Savior! Six lessons cover the days of creation; Adam and Eve’s sin and Cain and Abel’s gifts to the Lord.

Little Kids Can Know God through His Son

The first three lessons share the angel’s message to Mary then Joseph, the birth of Christ and the visit of the shepherds and wise men. The final three lessons present the Savior as a child amazes teachers in the temple then as an adult calling disciples to follow Him.

Little Kids Know God through His Miracles

Jesus’ healing of a paralytic and Bartimaeus, calming of a storm, feeding of 5,000 and raising of Jairus’s daughter and Lazarus help young children know our miracle-working God!

Little Kids Can Know God through His Promises

Lessons on Noah and the flood, Abraham’s faith, Isaac’s new bride and David with Goliath and Mephibosheth teach young children that God always keeps His promises.

Little Kids Can Know God through the Savior

Through Jesus’ triumphal entry, Last Supper, trial, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, young children discover the Savior, who loved them enough to give His life.

Little Kids Can Know God through His Church

Through lessons on Pentecost, Paul’s conversion, Peter and the disabled man, Dorcas, Philip and the Ethiopian, and Cornelius and Peter, children learn that God works through His people, the Church.

Little Kids Can Know God through His Sovereignty

Lessons on the lives of Joseph and Moses, the four Hebrews in the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lions’ den help young children know God, who controls all that happens.

Little Kids Can Know God through Prayer

Lessons on Elijah’s contest, Jonah’s sin, Nehemiah’s wall, Jesus’ prayers, Peter’s deliverance and a jailer’s salvation.